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Sisterhood of the Oppressed

Yes, I know I’m writ­ing this… four? weeks late. Deal with it. Truth be told, I’ve had a prob­lem putting the words together.

Some­thing that has really come to a head in the skep­tic com­mu­nity recently is its inter­sec­tion with other social jus­tice causes. Espe­cially fem­i­nism, but also, to an extent, anti-racism, LGBT activism, and other related activism. And how we, as skep­tics, treat those other activists. As an LGBT activist and fem­i­nist as well as a skep­tic, along with quite a lot of other peo­ple, this causes tension.

For an exam­ple, at the begin­ning of last month, Paula Kirby released an open let­ter “The Sis­ter­hood of the Oppressed”, which was… wow. Basi­cally tear­ing into fem­i­nist skep­tics and female skep­tics for act­ing like “fem­i­nazis” — a term bor­rowed from Rush Lim­baugh — and claim­ing that they had a vic­tim­iza­tion com­plex the size of Soviet Rus­sia. And what really started this? Well, DJ Grothe, the pres­i­dent of the James Randi Edu­ca­tional Foun­da­tion, had a pub­lic falling out over sev­eral blog­gers includ­ing half of the FreeThought­Blogs and Skepchick net­works, over harass­ment poli­cies at The Amaz!ng Meet­ing. Grothe had stated there was really no rea­son for a harass­ment pol­icy because he’s never received a report of harass­ment hap­pen­ing at TAM. Despite at least one pro­lific female blog­ger say­ing, yes, actu­ally, she was harassed.

What the fuck? » Read more..

Rhys Morgan, and an attack on free speech

Rhys Mor­gan hit the head­lines a few weeks ago due to his work in pub­li­cis­ing Stanis­law Burzyn­ski’s frad­u­lent alter­na­tive med­i­cine prac­tices. I hold him in some high regard as, at his age, I wasn’t too heav­ily involved in skep­ti­cism (although a friend of mine was, and was par­tially the rea­son why I later became active in the athe­ist movement).

Also in the news was a dis­pute between Uni­ver­sity Col­lege Lon­don and their athe­ist soci­ety, after an image from the web­comic Jesus and Mo was used to pro­mote one of their face­book event. Obvi­ously, this caused Mus­lims on cam­pus to com­plain about the offen­sive­ness of the image. It’s noth­ing new; Leeds Athe­ist Soci­ety was forced to can­cel a show­ing and debate of the con­tro­ver­sial film Fitna back in 2009 for the same rea­son. » Read more..

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