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Anthropomorphic climate change and the 1998 myth

As some­one who goes through pol­i­tics news often, the sub­ject of cli­mate change comes up quite often: how bad it is, does the data fit, and so forth. But even on a story about the Lib­eral Democ­rats as a whole, some peo­ple, often right-wing, will attack the party on its green cre­den­tials. This stems from a belief in cli­mate change is a “hoax” of sorts. Like this com­ment on a Tele­graph article:

Yeah, Chris Hunhe off to Can­cun, tilt­ing at wind­mills, sav­ing the planet.
Didn’t you know that we’ve had no warm­ing since about 1998?
The Man-Made global warm­ing idea is just a scam.
And you won­der why the Lib­Dems are held in contempt.

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