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The darker side of Occupy and the language of conspiracy theory

So, the Occupy move­ment. Let’s get some­thing straight, first: I like the idea of Occupy, what it was like in its infancy around the world: a grass­roots move­ment to expose cor­po­rate malfea­sance and the like. A left-wing ver­sion of the Tea Party, but with­out birther idiots. But I don’t like Occupy as it is today. There’s a rea­son for that. Peo­ple have stopped car­ing, so a lot of sym­pa­this­ers, like myself, stopped being involved. It left the move­ment with only the ded­i­cated peo­ple. And it’s not ded­i­cated anar­chists or ded­i­cated social­ists or ded­i­cated lib­er­als, it’s the ded­i­cated anti-establishment. » Read more..

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