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Civil liberties, and the Labour and Conservative parties

The recent news about con­trol orders makes me a lit­tle wary. On the plus side, we’re rolling back one of the most egre­gious power grabs by the Labour gov­ern­ment, and the exec­u­tive has to relin­quish pow­ers to the judi­ciary on things such as con­trol orders, but on the other hand, the replaced regime has some mas­sive holes; most notably, the fact that the rub­ber­stamp­ing is gone and the pow­ers are permanent.

Still, I think it’s a good idea. Worst still, it pushes Labour into a cor­ner here: they can’t sup­port the new regime as it would be revers­ing on party pol­icy to do so (and as we know, only the Lib Dems ever do that) and it’d be tacit sup­port of the coali­tion they despise so much. They can’t oppose it either, as it ruins their image of hav­ing “changed” in the nine months they’ve been out of power. What’s a Miliband to do in this case? » Read more..

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