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What would Parliament under STV look like?

This image shows what an STV-elected House of Commons would look like.

As I said in my first posts, I am a believer in the Sin­gle Trans­fer­able Vote: it devolves power to the peo­ple, is pref­er­en­tial, and is pro­por­tional. I’m vot­ing for AV as it does the first two, but I really want the third as well. But we can’t win them all. Indeed, as recent polls show, the No cam­paign — which has been run­ning mostly on the “you’re too thick to count to three” mes­sage — may scup­per the chances for even AV.

The Elec­toral Reform Soci­ety did some research into this, but I found the results some­what… strange. In Brighton, which has a strong Green Party pres­ence, no Green can­di­date was elected under the ERS’s cal­cu­la­tions. So I decided for myself, in my free time, to do a sim­u­la­tion for myself. » Read more..

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