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Labour and Tuition Fees: An Addendum

Today’s the day that MPs will vote on whether to raise the cap on tuition fees. And, as they have been doing since Browne was pub­lished, Labour are cur­rently dig­ging into the Lib Dems for not cav­ing into them break­ing the NUS pledge. Includ­ing Tom Har­ris, MP for Glas­gow South, who as you may recall, voted for the HEA2004, to which I chal­lenged him on Twit­ter: » Read more..

Labour and Tuition Fees

I’ve been tempted to blog for some time about things but haven’t quite got around to it. But Har­riet Harman’s com­ments at PMQs last night really ired me for some rea­son. I’m a paid-up mem­ber of the Lib­eral Democ­rats, and a stu­dent, but I’m not going to leave the party on the issue of tuition fees. There has been a lot of mis­in­for­ma­tion about the tuition fee debate, most of it from Labourites (still) try­ing to besmirch Clegg for cav­ing in to the wrong party (but that’s for another post), or from peo­ple who believe the first set of peo­ple while not ver­i­fy­ing for themselves.

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